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Invest with Binyamin FAQ

Our fund targets returns of 9%-15%, but your personalized ROI depends on several factors: investment type (stocks, bonds, real estate), volume, lock-up period, and risk tolerance.

We don’t offer generic answers – 
let’s discuss your goals and tailor an investment strategy for you. Schedule a consultation today

While we cannot predict every outcome, our vigilant analysis and unwavering dedication allow us to effectively mitigate risks.

We maintain a close watch on the market, minimizing negative impacts through meticulous monitoring and proactive measures.

Dividends are distributed and reinvested based on individual preferences and goals. We offer total flexibility in our approach, tailoring recommendations to ensure financial well-being.

Our commitment lies in guiding investors along profitable trails, consistently delivering the best outcomes while accommodating their unique needs and aspirations

The fund primarily targets real estate, modern and hybrid hospitality, renewable energy, technology, agriculture, and healthcare sectors.

Additionally, we continuously monitor market needs and prospects to identify further investment opportunities.

The fund’s investment philosophy is straightforward: every penny is safeguarded for utmost security. We aim for mutually beneficial, long-term successes while prioritizing financial well-being.

Our approach involves investing with a commitment to achieving success.

At Binyamin, we prioritize positively impacting global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Our commitment is reflected in our active participation in the UN Global Compact, aligning our practices to address global challenges and contribute to empowerment.

We integrate ESG considerations into our business strategy to ensure a positive, far-reaching influence.

The fee and expense structure is tailored to individual needs. For detailed information, please reach out to our head office for further clarification and specifics.

The frequency of investor updates varies based on the investment phase. Typically, the fund provides information on performance monthly, quarterly, and annually, ensuring investors are informed according to the phase of their investment.

During the beginning phase, we are committed to sharing information weekly to keep investors updated.

The mechanisms for investor communication and engagement revolve around verified and secured communication channels.

Additionally, for investor groups in different countries, we ensure effective engagement by arranging visits every six months or annually, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful presentation of information to enhance understanding and engagement.

The minimum investment requirements for the fund are primarily rooted in desire, trust, and a modest amount of financial resources.

We don’t set a strict bottom line; instead, we aim to cater to your needs, ensuring accessibility and flexibility to accommodate various investment levels.

Yes, there are lock-up periods for investors in our fund. We believe that a duration spanning two full business cycles, totaling 24 months, is an optimal duration to effectively achieve our investment targets.

This lock-up period is designed to align investor interests with the fund’s objectives and ensure a strategic investment approach for success.

The tax implications of investing in the Binyamin fund can vary based on several factors such as your country of residence, the type of investment, and local tax regulations. Generally, investment gains, dividends, or distributions from the fund may be subject to taxation.

To address these considerations, we have a highly experienced Tax expert within our team with global expertise. For specific details tailored to your situation, we recommend contacting us to consult with our expert.

Potential investors can access comprehensive information about the fund and its offerings through our website.

Alternatively, for personalized assistance or additional details, we encourage direct contact with us to address specific queries and provide further information.

The goal of the project is to attract foreign investments in Georgia and create innovative projects/products that guarantee financial well-being for both parts.

The fund actively contributes to the local economy and community through various channels.

Our investments often generate employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and support local businesses within the areas we operate. Additionally, we engage in community-driven initiatives, such as philanthropic projects or partnerships, fostering sustainable development and positively impacting the surrounding communities.

At Binyamin, our ethical and sustainability practices are rooted in our fundamental principles, encapsulated in our 10 commandments.

These principles guide our relationships with partners and team members, emphasizing trust, support, empowerment, continuous learning, and transparent communication.

We believe these values form the bedrock of sustainable business development and foster a healthy, progressive mindset. Maintaining transparency is crucial in upholding these core values and achieving sustainable growth.

Absolutely! The Binyamin investment fund is indeed open to individual investors. Moreover, for those less experienced in investing, we offer an educational process to facilitate understanding and participation in our investment opportunities.

About Georgia Invetments FAQ

The most promising sectors for investment in Georgia include tourism, Real estate, Sustainable agriculture, IT, Renewable Energy and manufacturing.

Foreign investors are required to register their businesses with the Georgian government. The registration process is relatively simple and can be completed online and it takes only one day.

Foreign investors are exempt from paying taxes on their profits for the first five years of operation.

Additionally, they are eligible for a number of other tax benefits, such as a tax exemption on imported equipment and machinery. Especially In Free industrial zones in Several Sites Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Poti.

Although concerns like political instability and a small market exist, Georgia actively addresses these challenges through major infrastructure development projects. These projects significantly improve the country’s connectivity, accessibility, and overall investment climate.

Key examples include:

International Highways: New highways connect Georgia with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the North Caucasus region, facilitating trade and travel.

Modernized Airports: Tbilisi International Airport offers over 60 direct flights, while Batumi and Kutaisi airports serve the Black Sea coast and budget airlines.

Robust Railway Network: The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway connects China, Central Asia, and Europe, making Georgia a crucial transit hub on the Silk Road Economic Belt. Additionally, the Georgian Railway undergoes modernization for efficient passenger and freight transportation.

These infrastructure advancements transform Georgia’s economic landscape, attracting foreign investment and paving the way for future growth. While challenges remain, Georgia’s commitment to infrastructure development presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a dynamic and emerging market.

Georgia offers several attractive features for investors:

Stable Economy: With a 5.4% GDP growth rate in 2022, Georgia boasts a stable and growing economy.

Low Taxes: Georgia features one of the world’s lowest corporate tax rates at 15%.

Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia provides access to both markets.

Booming Tourism Industry: Georgia’s tourism sector thrives, with visitor numbers rising by 10% in 2022.

Government Support: The Georgian government actively supports foreign investors through various programs and incentives.

Georgia offers several visa options for investors, including:

Startup Visa: This visa is available to individuals who establish and invest in a startup company in Georgia.

Work Permit: Investors can obtain a work permit based on their investment in a Georgian company.

Nomad Visa: This visa allows remote workers to live and work in Georgia for up to 12 months.

Georgia has a number of legal protections in place to safeguard foreign investors, including.

Investment Promotion and Protection Act: This law guarantees the free movement of capital and provides for fair and equitable treatment of foreign investors.

Arbitration Law: This law provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between foreign investors and the Georgian government.

Double Taxation Treaties: Georgia has signed double taxation treaties with over 60 countries, which help to prevent investors from being taxed twice on the same income.

Georgia has a unique culture that is influenced by its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Some important cultural considerations for investors include:

Relationships are important: Building strong relationships with business partners and government officials is crucial for success in Georgia.

Directness is appreciated: Georgians prefer direct communication and may view overly indirect communication as dishonest.

Hospitality is valued: Georgians are known for their warm hospitality and appreciate investors who take the time to learn about their culture.

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