Nestled deep within a forest, just 20 minutes from Tbilisi, lies Forest Spa – a haven of serenity and wellness. Imagine breathtaking, panoramic views, 60 eco-villas blending seamlessly with nature, and invigorating treatments to soothe your body and mind.

Outdoor & Indoor Pools
Steamy Relaxation
Outdoor Hot Tubs
Rejuvenating Massage
Yoga & Wellness

Anania Spa & Resort presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a high-yielding and well-positioned investment in Georgia’s thriving tourism market.

Tbilisi’s Booming Escape Destination:

Anania Spa & Resort presents a unique investment opportunity for those seeking high yields and strong return on investment (ROI). Tbilisi’s residents are increasingly seeking short-term and long-term escape options, particularly within a convenient distance from the city.

Strategic Location:

Situated just a 30-minute drive from Tbilisi center, Anania Spa & Resort boasts a prime location that caters to this growing demand.  The resort offers a tranquil escape from the city’s bustle, ideal for:

Families: Providing a perfect summer getaway with rental options suitable for families seeking a refreshing escape from the heat.

Couples and Friends: Offering a relaxing retreat for couples and friends seeking rejuvenation and connection with nature.

Four-Season Appeal:

Anania Spa & Resort transcends seasonal limitations. Nestled deep within a forest, the resort offers a unique experience throughout the year:

Spring: Guests can immerse themselves in the invigorating freshness of spring.

Summer: Provides a cool escape from the city’s summer heat.

Autumn: Offers a chance to embrace the vibrant colors of autumn.

Winter: Guests can enjoy the tranquility of winter with a soak in the hot tubs amidst a snowy landscape.

Proven Track Record:

Anania Spa & Resort leverages the expertise of our partners at Aqua Sana Resort (UK) and Vivood Resort Valencia, ensuring exceptional service and a well-established concept.

High Demand: Capitalizes on the growing demand for escape options near Tbilisi.

Strategic Location: Provides easy access for city residents seeking a quick getaway.

Four-Season Appeal: Offers year-round enjoyment for diverse guest preferences.

Experienced Partners: Benefits from the expertise of established resort operators.

Land area: 20,000 sqm

Gross Buildable Area: 8,500 sqm

Net Usable area: 6,000